The Wall O’ Wonder

A listing of every game we’ve covered in the Wall O’Wonder:


AT-43:  Now out of print.  Some folks are still discussing the game here:

Babylon 5 Wars/A Call To Arms:  Both sadly out of print.   Babylon 5 Wars resources:   and for A Call To Arms, the core game mechanics are still in use in the games Noble Armada: A Call to Arms  and Star Fleet:  A Call to Arms:


Battlefield Evolution:  Rules are available on Wargame Vault.  The pre-painted models are available in bargain bins the world over.

Battlelore AND Battles for Westeros: and

Blood Bowl:  Sadly out of print, and getting hard to find official miniatures for.  Alternative minis abound.  Here’s the rules:

Centurion:  Sadly out of print.  A GREAT resource here:

Chainmail:  Sadly out of print.  You can find some resources here, however:

Clan War:  Now out of print, but details available at: and some of the minis are now available here:

Dark Age:

Dark Future:  Long, long out of print.  A good fan site:

Dark Heresy:

Dropzone Commander:

Dystopian Wars:


Full Thrust:  Models available here:  and some great game resources here:

Gorka Morka: Now out of print.  Some great resources here:

The Grudge of Drong: Long out of print, but copies do appear on Ebay from time to time.  Make note that it is for an older version of Warhammer so the stats may not be a great match for the current edition.


Heavy Gear:

Inquisitor:   Sadly out of print.  Great resource here:

Mage Knight:  1st and 2nd edition are gone, but Wizkids has launched a hybrid of Mage Knight and Heroclix now:

Man O’War:  Now out of print.   Great resource here:


Starship Troopers:  Now out of print.   Some details and resources here:

Succession Wars:  Long out of print, but there’s talk of a new edition!  

Super Dungeon Explore:

Warmaster – A cancelled Specialist Game, but still plenty of players talking about it:

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