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Episode 62

Ep 62 – Armies We Actually Haven’t Played Against… Have YOU??

Note: Nagash news broke after we recorded so look for more next week.

We talks news, hobby progress, games played and launch into a revealing discussion about armies we have not yet played against. Ran out of time to do Warmachine/Hordes so that’s for a future episode.

Let us know what armies you actually haven’t played against (or played if you’re a veteran).

Episode 35

Episode 35:  We talk the crazy GW streak of rumors and news to slap some sense into the Internet by calling our very own Come-to-Jervis meeting.


Allen Boltgun Blount from BBBs podcast joins us for Warhammer Fantasy Book Club: Gotrek & Felix City of the Damned, which naturally discusses the franchise at length, first. Wrap things up with a Wall o’ Wonder: Dropzone Commander.

Episode 27

Episode 27:   The One where Robert calls it “Combat Dice.”


We talk news and Adepticon and bulemic dragons and comments on website and other offensive things. Black LIbrary author CL Werner joins us to talk the eras of Warhammer Fiction, 40K, Skaven and Lizardmen in fiction, his Privateer Press and Wild West Exodus works, Godzilla?! and more. It’s a really great interview guys, if you even care about Warhammer fiction in any way.  Wall o Wonder: Ogre

Episode 25

Episode 25: Warhammer Fantasy Book Club – The Black Plague: Dead Winter; Triumph & Treachery

We look at news, games played, Extra Life and Kenny reveals the new Warhammer expansion Triumph & Treachery. Join us for our first installment of the Warhammer Fantasy Book Club as we explore the Black Plague series

Episode 24

Episode 24:  Opposing Playing Types.

We talk news, gritty Warhammer and Wall of Wonder: Aeronef.