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Episode 53

We were blessed to be joined by Dan Abnett to discuss his fantasy book Riders of the Dead. Dan will certainly be back.

Wall o’ Wonder: Battlefield Evolution

Episode 35

Episode 35:  We talk the crazy GW streak of rumors and news to slap some sense into the Internet by calling our very own Come-to-Jervis meeting.


Allen Boltgun Blount from BBBs podcast joins us for Warhammer Fantasy Book Club: Gotrek & Felix City of the Damned, which naturally discusses the franchise at length, first. Wrap things up with a Wall o’ Wonder: Dropzone Commander.

Episode 25

Episode 25: Warhammer Fantasy Book Club – The Black Plague: Dead Winter; Triumph & Treachery

We look at news, games played, Extra Life and Kenny reveals the new Warhammer expansion Triumph & Treachery. Join us for our first installment of the Warhammer Fantasy Book Club as we explore the Black Plague series