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Episode 103

We talk news, hobby and games played. Kenny discusses his time at Blood in the Sun 5 (BitS) then we discuss the idea and thoughts of player-judged comp of an opponent’s army list at an event.

Clay comes back on to talk the Cool Mini or Not Expo.

Episode 48

We talk news and games played with a large focus on new 40K rumors (at time of posting rumors now refer to as 6th Ed Revised) before being joined by Grant Handsome Guy Fetter, TO of Blood in the Sun 4, who tells us all about why his tournament rocks. Then we welcome Guy Haley back from Black Library to discuss his three Horus Heresy works (don’t worry, there’s more coming up!) and he takes the rapid-fire question test.

Wall o’ Wonder: Warmaster!

Someone who listens to this episode wins a copy of Lords of Mars by Graham McNeill.

Episode 5

Episode 5 – Army Storage & Transport; The Social Contract Between Gamers & Game Companies

In this episode we share rumors for several game systems, then talk army storage and transport solutions. Our second feature is a discussion on the social contract between gamers and game companies–what we expect, what’s wrong and what can be done to improve. The Wall o’ Wonder this week is Clan War (Legends of the Five Rings). Then Kenny is off to Blood in the Sun for his first Warhammer tournament.

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