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Ep 227

We talk a load of news which includes some very exciting releases but lay out our plan of monthly giveaways (and more!) to celebrate Black Library’s 20th anniversary this year, plus their open submission window is even more fun this year! Our games played lean into our main topic tonight which is about our Horus Heresy campaign using the 8th ed player-made rules. Sorry Perturabo, we ran out of time and will stroke your ego next week.¬†

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Sweet AoS/Fantasy terrain @rnminiatures

Ep 224.5

Ep 244.5 @CombatPhasePodc w/@WarlordGuymer the lost interview on AoS, Shadespire fiction in 2017 and what (including GOTREK!) is to come. On iTunes or¬†http://traffic.libsyn.com/combatphase/Guymer_Aos.mp3¬†We’ll be seeing you all again with more 2018 content soon.

Episode 48

We talk news and games played with a large focus on new 40K rumors (at time of posting rumors now refer to as 6th Ed Revised) before being joined by Grant Handsome Guy Fetter, TO of Blood in the Sun 4, who tells us all about why his tournament rocks. Then we welcome Guy Haley back from Black Library to discuss his three Horus Heresy works (don’t worry, there’s more coming up!) and he takes the rapid-fire question test.

Wall o’ Wonder: Warmaster!

Someone who listens to this episode wins a copy of Lords of Mars by Graham McNeill.

Episode 37

Episode 37


We talk news, dwarf pictures and wave 2 is on the horizon, Black Libray and Skull Island X gold, Steamroller 2014 and other organized play systems like Infinity and Dark Age, and Robert talks to us about trilablazing your own gaming universe. 

Episode 34

Episode 34:  Hobby Disappointment? 7 Steps To Serenity & Black Library Interview w/ Greg Dann.


Tyranid codex got ya down? Hobby rage? ¬†Here’s seven steps towards serenity. ¬†Gregg Dann, cohost of After Ullanor, returns to talk a very long interview all about Black Library, from origins to events in UK to what the future holds. ¬†Interview is lengthy but worth it!

Episode 27

Episode 27: ¬† The One where Robert calls it “Combat Dice.”


We talk news and Adepticon and bulemic dragons and comments on website and other offensive things. Black LIbrary author CL Werner joins us to talk the eras of Warhammer Fiction, 40K, Skaven and Lizardmen in fiction, his Privateer Press and Wild West Exodus works, Godzilla?! and more. It’s a really great interview guys, if you even care about Warhammer fiction in any way. ¬†Wall o Wonder: Ogre

Episode 10

Episode 10 – Horus Heresy

In this episode we talk about the Horus Heresy and why it’s so interesting. ¬†We welcome two very special guests – Marcus Pitt and Greg Dann – who try and help us explain why it’s so dang good.

Fifty Shades of Geek –¬†http://www.fiftyshadesofgeek.org/
Marcus Pitt on Bad Dice –¬†http://baddice.co.uk/horus-heresy/