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Episode 143

We talk news, hobby and games played. Then Robert and Kenny consider the new Mk3 version of WarmaHordes coming in June from PP. We are excited and wowed! by the communication from PP and discuss where you can find more regular info from PP on the upcoming edition. We close with a brief but amazing look at a charity where you can win awesome prizes, including a life-size replica of Madrak’s Rathrok.
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Episode 36

 Episode 36:  Kenny is back from Waaaghpaca 2014 and reports in.

We talk the insanity of GW rumors and give first impressions of new Dwarf photos. Next ep will be after the White Dwarf new format drops and we’ll go in depth on dwarf (what’s available, at least) then. Dark Age shines in cool hobby ways and on the Wall o’ Wonder.

Episode 35

Episode 35:  We talk the crazy GW streak of rumors and news to slap some sense into the Internet by calling our very own Come-to-Jervis meeting.

Allen Boltgun Blount from BBBs podcast joins us for Warhammer Fantasy Book Club: Gotrek & Felix City of the Damned, which naturally discusses the franchise at length, first. Wrap things up with a Wall o’ Wonder: Dropzone Commander.

Episode 23

Episode 23:  Rumors & Rumor Culture in mini wargaming.

Wall of Wonder: Heavy Gear!

Episode 5

Episode 5 – Army Storage & Transport; The Social Contract Between Gamers & Game Companies

In this episode we share rumors for several game systems, then talk army storage and transport solutions. Our second feature is a discussion on the social contract between gamers and game companies–what we expect, what’s wrong and what can be done to improve. The Wall o’ Wonder this week is Clan War (Legends of the Five Rings). Then Kenny is off to Blood in the Sun for his first Warhammer tournament.

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Episode 3

Episode 3 is here – New Eldar and Types of Miniature Wargames.

The is the first time we tried 3-way Skype to being a guest in so now we are aware of the audio effects that can bring. Thanks for your patience. Live and learn 🙂

We talk a very busy week of news and rumors, Eldar first impressions with an Eldar expert, skirmish vs. squad-based vs. mass battles, and Wall o’ Wonder: Titan Legions (and its evolution).

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