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Episode 147

Part 1 of our new Chaos Space Marine arc: Modeling & Converting

We talk news, hobby and games played, plus a bit of fun speculation about a favorite IP, wish-listing. Talented friend of the show, Peter, joins us to talk modeling and converting your own Chaos Space Marine armies and characters. *Note* Peter’s audio starts out a bit softer but only for a few minutes. You must check out his work on his hobby blog on B&C.

Bolter and Chainsword work in progress thread

The Balefire Forge on YouTube

The ETL (remember team chaos needs support more participants for chaos please)

Episode 142

We talk news, what we think the big AoS news will be, lots of games played and some hobby. As we wrap our our three episode arc on Hobby Community Vince Venturella of YouTube Warhammer Weekly and other great shows joins us for this episode to talk about his shows and how these hobby communities benefit us all.

Get 30th Space Marine from FLGS (can’t miss him!)
Vince –

Episode 42

We talk news and brief hobby then owner John from Soda Pop Minatures talks the future of Super Dungeon Explore and other exciting games, then we are joined by Hand Cannon Online and all-around swell Trollblood guy Kyle Maxwell to talk why Warmachine/Hordes is a great game, the future and paying it forward.

Episode 4

Episode 4 – Painting Schedules and the Dropzone Games Anniversary Extravaganza–Andy Chambers interview and more!

This episode crams a lot in. We open with a discussion on painting schedules as Kenny foolishly preps for Blood in the Sun and Buckeye Battles.

We talk inspiration, motivation, some tips and resources. Share your tips and pictures on our Facebook page.

The coverage was our first time taking the new recorder around. More lessons learned. We were very, very tired but the event was amazing!

Pictures from the show on our Facebook page

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Music: A Martian Winter by Angel Vivaldi