Ep 229 – Thousand Sons Codex & Army Review Pt 1

Ahem *taps mic*…. THOUSAND SONS CODEX!

We are stupidly excited and race against time (you’d think we’d learn by now but Ahriman’s stubborness rubs off on us) to pump out a Codex: army review for those chomping at the bit. This is Kenny’s current–and favorite–40K army and Shawn loves them too.

So here is part 1: the mechanics, rules, stratagems. As this goes up pre-orders have already begun in the east and you can and should start pre-ordering your Sons (and Tzaangors) of Magnus. We will be back again next week for the remainder of the review, which will cover the lore and art/design of the book…plus a few games played using this new book.

Rise up into the lower enumerations and enjoy the show!