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Co-host Wargamer Shawn’s YouTube Channel

As we update the website and have a nice flashy link, in the meantime here is Shawn’s YouTube channel. Check him out and see what he’s like without Kenny babbling next to him.

Ep 227

We talk a load of news which includes some very exciting releases but lay out our plan of monthly giveaways (and more!) to celebrate Black Library’s 20th anniversary this year, plus their open submission window is even more fun this year! Our games played lean into our main topic tonight which is about our Horus Heresy campaign using the 8th ed player-made rules. Sorry Perturabo, we ran out of time and will stroke your ego next week. 

Watch for posts to win free products from Black Library on our Facebook page and check out some other baller resources we mention during the show.




Sweet AoS/Fantasy terrain @rnminiatures

Ep 226

Kenny and Wargamer Shawn discuss thoughts so far for the coming AoS campaign, Malign Portents, then begin our promised extended segment looking at all things Primarchs–starting with The Lion, Second Legion *REDACTED*, and Fulgrim of the Third this week.


Ep 224.5

Ep 244.5 @CombatPhasePodc w/@WarlordGuymer the lost interview on AoS, Shadespire fiction in 2017 and what (including GOTREK!) is to come. On iTunes or We’ll be seeing you all again with more 2018 content soon.

Episode 225

Happy 2018!

Robert is on a much-deserved vacation for a while and Wargamer Shawn once again joins Kenny to review the latest 40K codex: Chaos Demons, out on preorder today.

It’s our first episode together and we look forward to bringing you more as we press on into 2018!