Monthly Archives: September 2015

Episode 113

Lucky number 113. And Robert is still at the editing controls. Kenny is still in Sweden and it’s getting to him. We talk some news, some games played and then we serve up a heap of interviews from Mike “Shades” Schaefer from the NOVA Open. Finally we close out the show with the return of Ask A Hobby Expert who shares some building foundations with Kenny.

Episode 112

So it’s a little late. So Robert hasn’t gotten “fades” to work yet. So….yeah. It’s still COMBAT PHASE EPISODE 112, and that’s the important part, right? Right?

Episode 111

Mike Lee talks Nagash, HH Fallen Angels & Crimson Fists
We talk news, hobby and games played. The Black Libray author joins us. Mike Lee talks the Rise of Nagasg trilogy as our Warhammer Fantasy Book Club… We have Nagash, HH Fallen Angels & Crimson Fists works.

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Episode 110

We talk news, hobby and games played. Kenny played Apocalypse and has some tips for running a smooth game.

Today we talk robots in miniwargaming. From the big stompy robots to the steam punk smaller robots. We got ’em all and explore the range of robots in the hobby and their inspiration.