Monthly Archives: October 2014

Episode 72

We talk news, hobby, games played and discuss living card games. David Guymer from Black Library joins us for a Warhammer Fantasy Book Club to discuss Headtaker, the skaven character novel. Loved it! You go read-laugh now!

Episode 71

We talk news of nurgle and end times and hobby before games played includes Kenny’s wrap-up of Screw City GT 3,000 Pts. Monster Mash! Then we are joined by Shawn Hook (40K group) and Ben Cone of WiscoDice (Fantasy) to talk advice on keeping a gaming group engaged and growing with the millions of factors affecting game play interests these days. Skype wanted to garble the end of Conesy’s audio so we ended before that.

Then Kenny plays about 25-30 mins of audio from Screw City which includes post-game interview with round 1 opponent Sean Troy who won best general and a few chats along the way. Audio may be loud briefly at beginning of new file so FYI.

Episode 70

We talk news, hobby, games played and launch into a discussion on tournament legal, limitations and saying screw all that and make it your game, even if you feel like the scene is pushing you in a direction you don’t care for.

Wall o’ Wonder: Gama World

Episode 69

We talk news and a sick Robert finally keeps his trap shut once in a while. (Ha!) Kenny recounts this past weekend’s End Times: Nagash megabattle with 16,000 pts of awesome.

Episode 68

We talk news, games played, hobby and then explore list building for any game as a means of gratification aside from playing. Do you make lists to be creative but refrain from buying every model that comes out? Let us know.

Then Robert educates us on the very important Extra Life coming up again this year in October.

Episode 67

We talk impulse buying, FLGS new orders and stocking and customer rewards then launch into a discussion about dead games and getting a little life out of them.
Wall of Wonder: The Hills Rise Wild!