Monthly Archives: August 2014

Episode 61

We talk hobby progress, games played, news and launch into the great debate: can one play a miniwargame without appreciating the fluff?

Alex Huntley of Warploque Miniatures joins us from the UK to talk about his exciting new game and unique designs of ArcWorlde.



Episode 60

We talk news, hobby and games played before we are joined by Mike Brandt, the mastermind behind Nova Open in the DC-metro area who preps us for this amazing con.

Episode 59

A very special Combat Phase intervention

We talk news, games played, hobby and launch into our feature on coping with bad dice luck like Kenny is perpetually plagued with. Also ending sentences in a preposition. Robert helps Kenny to soldier on and actually helpful tips emerge from the conversation. If you have poor dice luck, this is the segment for you!

Wall o’ wonder: Frag