Monthly Archives: July 2014

Episode 58

We talk games played and news surrounding an interesting controversy and thus are putting campaigns discussion off so we can play Sanctus Reach and give some feedback. Kenny interviews a gaming group on thoughts on 7th ed so far from game stor owner, hobby community organizers and current and returning players. Robert is joined once again by the fascinating and busy Chris Birch from Modiphius about many projects including Achtung! Cthulhu.

Episode 57

We revisit the Monogamer vs. Omnigamer/Game whore discussion again where Kenny represents those of us having to choose playing maybe only a few games due to time constraints or availabilty or whathaveya. 

As we try to close the show we get distracted by Robotech and future Robotech possibilities.
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Episode 56

We talk the evolution of Chaos in the Warhammer and Warhammer 40K universe over the past decades. Chaos has made a corrupting impact on our lives in the GW mini tabletop game, RPG, fiction, video games and even a motion picture. From the pulpy big hear and nose chains to a darker corrupting force fueling hordes of Northmen to the subtle, sinister menace being unveiled in the Horus Heresy, we love our Chaos.

Check it out, reminisce and share your thoughts with us on Facebook. Enjoy!
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