Monthly Archives: March 2014

Episode 42

We talk news and brief hobby then owner John from Soda Pop Minatures talks the future of Super Dungeon Explore and other exciting games, then we are joined by Hand Cannon Online and all-around swell Trollblood guy Kyle Maxwell to talk why Warmachine/Hordes is a great game, the future and paying it forward.

Episode 41


We’re joined by Andrew Sherman of Ohiohammer, Mantic Radio and probably half of the podcasts you listen to. He gives quite enlightening testimony to a rising Mantic Games and gets us excited for things to come.
Wall o Wonder: BattleLore and Battle for Westeros

Dwarf Bonus-sode (Is that a word? Dwarfisode? Just go with it)


Kenny is joined by Dwarf-nut Dave Witek of Garagehammer and After Ullanor fame. Robert sits this one out. We talk the new Dwarfs, compare old with new re: Runes and some units. Fun, inspiration for about 2 hours.

Kenny grills Dave at the end with a speed-test re: Horus Heresy, for the lit teacher in Dave.  (Enjoy the fun and don’t judge, man)


Episode 40


Adam Tremblay of War and More Radio in Canada joins us hosers for a go at gaming communities over great, vast, cold distances and staying engaged while enjoying maple products and quality health care. Enjoy Adam’s soothing Canadian voicebox.


Wall o’ Wonder: Super Dungon Explore