Episode 200. Boom pow how ya like me now.

30 Years in Wargaming. Condensed a little bit. More »


Ep 236 – T’au Codex 8th ed.

We wax lyrical about the new T’au codex, in-hand, a hefty and pretty sweet tome.

Ep 234 – White Scars & Space Sharks w/Robbie MacNiven

Ep 234 White Scars & Space Sharks w/Robbie MacNiven (please pardon the typo)
Robbie is back and talking White Scars, Space Sharks, BL submission advise and more!


Ep 233 – Shadespire & Grey Knights w/David Annandale

We talk loads of news and hobby/games played. First we discuss our thoughts on Shadespire thus far plus the newest warbands, then David Annandale BL author joins us to talk about his Grey Knights books, Neferata and other exciting upcoming AoS stories.


Ep 232 Sportsmanship & AoS w/Evan Dicken

We pick back up with our timely discussion on sportsmanship before we are joined by our guest…introducing the newest Black Library author, Evan Dicken, talking about his excellent Path to Glory story and an upcoming AoS novella… 🙂

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AoS community modular pack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-KqIaF_YxqErkzkMuwVefo7bbowra89c/view

Ep 231 A Lesson in Kurze w/Ian St. Martin

Ian st. Martin of Black Library fame joins us to talk his latest The Primarchs audio drama, some Lucius and mental madness. Check out his previous interview on Lucius and follow Ian.

Ep 230 – Thousand Sons Codex & Army Review Part 2

We pick up where we left off last week with more discussion on the lore and units of the Thousand Sons. Also a reminder about monthly giveaways in 2018 as we celebrate 20 years of Black Library! Check out posts on the Facebook page.



Ep 229 – Thousand Sons Codex & Army Review Pt 1

Ahem *taps mic*…. THOUSAND SONS CODEX!

We are stupidly excited and race against time (you’d think we’d learn by now but Ahriman’s stubborness rubs off on us) to pump out a Codex: army review for those chomping at the bit. This is Kenny’s current–and favorite–40K army and Shawn loves them too.

So here is part 1: the mechanics, rules, stratagems. As this goes up pre-orders have already begun in the east and you can and should start pre-ordering your Sons (and Tzaangors) of Magnus. We will be back again next week for the remainder of the review, which will cover the lore and art/design of the book…plus a few games played using this new book.

Rise up into the lower enumerations and enjoy the show!

Ep 228 – Adeptus Custodes Codex Review

We chat a spot of news then straight into our review of the new codex and models of Adeptus Custodes.

See you in 2 days for…well, the next codex!



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Ep 227

We talk a load of news which includes some very exciting releases but lay out our plan of monthly giveaways (and more!) to celebrate Black Library’s 20th anniversary this year, plus their open submission window is even more fun this year! Our games played lean into our main topic tonight which is about our Horus Heresy campaign using the 8th ed player-made rules. Sorry Perturabo, we ran out of time and will stroke your ego next week. 

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